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Al Intisar

Al Intisar is offering award winning solutions to blue-chip companies worldwide. Al Intisar provides end-to-end solutions and services in data warehousing and big data analytics. Al Intisar transforms Data to Action for organizations which are positioned to increase revenue & improve efficiency. Al Intisar creates Industry Specific Data Models on different platforms.


Al Intisar also has extensive experience in Islamic Banking. Developed and implemented futuristic solutions to help Islamic Financial Institutions keep pace with the market dynamics. Our focus is on technically facilitating Islamic financial institutions to maximize their profits.


Al Intisar’s flagship product DEMAGHTM Banking Data warehouse offers a cost effective, low-risk, out-of the box Analytical solution for Financial Institutions. DEMAGHTM   is available on Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sapience & Business Objects platforms.


Al Intisar has worked with leading Islamic & Conventional Banks of the region. What truly distinguish Al Intisar is its “Innovative capital,”. The technical and domain expertise of Al Intisar allow the company to serve nearly all industries in multiple cutting-edge analytical capacities.

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