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Pragmatix is a Business Intelligence & Analytics Company offering end-to-end solutions in the “Data to Intelligence” space. The solutions pan across the entire Data Maturity life cycle of an entity i.e. Measure, Monitor, Model and Predict. It delivers “Actionable Intelligence” which enables a positive impact on Profitability, Productivity & Efficiency.


Pragmatix was co-founded in 2010 by a team of globally experienced bankers, having held leadership positions in large global businesses working across geographies with expertise in Business, Finance, Governance Risk & Compliance, and Back other back office functions. With offices in the UAE, US and India, the company, specialises in providing solutions to Banking and Financial Services entities. Use cases include Planning & Budgeting, Sales Productivity, Supplier Analytics, Market Performance Analytics, Customer Analytics, Channel Effectiveness, Risk Monitoring, Operational efficiency, Regulatory reporting, Digital Solutions etc.


With a three-pronged approach of Platform, Business Solutions and Services, the Company differentiates itself on the following:

  • Business Solution approach based on Deep domain expertize
  • Targeted solutions with Pre-Configured Data Models, KPIs & algorithms
  • Platform agnostic implementation delivered either using a proprietary platform, “Vital Analytix” & “Fulkrum” (Built on Big Data framework), or other Industry standard 3rd party platforms.
  • Data Sciences & Machine Learning/AI based Modelling capabilities

Enabling accelerated implementations in typically 16 to 24 weeks.

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