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Lego offers a wide spectrum of exciting toys for kids. Of course, it is natural to gift LEGO toys to your children in order to help them become wiser, more imaginative and more sensible about various technical subjects. Which toy should you go for?

It would be a wise decision to buy a robotic kit from a reputed LEGO education distributor UAE. You will be assured about the brand and its superior quality. There are several robotic kits available in the market. The rest of the article tries to discuss some of the major kits.

Creator 3-In-1 Underwater Robot

This is good for kids who are yet not prepared for more advanced programmable robots from LEGO. The robot, when fully assembled, has a height of 6-inches. The younger kids would really enjoy building the robot in leisure hours. In fact, the kit would add more value to the leisure hours of your kid. The same robot can turn into a submarine. The child would be overjoyed witnessing the versatility the toy offers. Also, the kit can turn into an underwater crane. There are neither electronic parts nor metallic components with this kit.

Lego Wall-E

Is your kid a blind fan of Disney characters and films? If yes, then gift him LEGO WALL-E for a wonderfully engaging experience. No doubt, the experience would be learning, too. There are approximately 700 LEGO blocks in the kit. Your child will nicely spend his time. The robot is practically recommended for kids who are more than 10 years old. The expressions of WALL-E are accurate, when you compare them with those shown in the Disney movie. It has a delicate and adorable design. You can easily roll the robot. You can also pose it.

Mindstorms NXT 2.0

If you are focused to invest in a really awesome robot with detailed features, then this is the toy you should buy. Your kid would immensely enjoy building it in steps and gradually discovering its charming appearance and exciting functions. This is an excellent robot kit for children under 10. One of the prime benefits of this kit is it helps the child to develop basic programming skills. The kid becomes more aware about the technical sides of computer and software engineering. There are a total 5 robot models available in this kit. It is an excellent product for educational purposes.

In Conclusion

Are you intended to buy a top-rated robotic kit? Visit us and buy any of the kits mentioned in this article. You can also opt for all these kits – no person is stopping you!

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