Microsoft Azure: What Is It and What Are Its Uses?

Microsoft Azure

Azure acts as an online platform that allows companies to assess and manage resources and cloud services offered by tech giant Microsoft. The resources include the storage of data and its transformation that depends on the requirement of the user. The demand for Microsoft Azure Dubai has only grown over the last few years.

It is a cloud-based networking service that works on highly secured servers called PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Both servers are the most reliable and secure and ideal for anyone who wants to connect, develop or host applications using cloud data.

Microsoft Azure Dubai

As a cloud computing solution, Azure offers varied services and customizes its products based on the needs of the user, which makes their tasks easy and simple. Below are the tips that determine Microsoft Azure is the correct choice made by the organization. Below we have listed a few uses of the Microsoft Azure software.

Uses of Microsoft Azure Software

Application Development – Microsoft Azure lets the user create different types of web applications. The software assures the smooth running of the application on each and every platform you run tests on. Once you have successfully conducted the testing, you will be able to host the application.

Create Virtual Machines – It allows you to deploy and manage any virtual machines. You won’t need to be physically present at a place to create virtual machines in any available configuration with the help of Azure. This computer within a computer system allows you to host web applications easily on any server.

SQL Databases – Azure helps manage SQL (Structured Query Language) related databases and saves the expenditure related to software/hardware. You won’t even have to keep in-house SQL database experts.

Microsoft Azure Network

Directory Domain – The cloud computing services a built-in directory based on the technology designed by Microsoft for their software called Windows Active Directory. Azure simplifies the management of information stored in theses through remote access and authentication. In a few clicks, you can access any information from employee data, apps contents and more

Storage – Microsoft aims at providing secured services of data storage with high accessibility. Azure’s structure of an intelligent rating system and scalability allows the user to store the data. It results in the construction of storage plans with cost-effectiveness and safety along with savings.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – As a matter of fact, data stored on Azure is 100% safe and sound. With their advanced backup and disaster recovery technology, you can count on advanced site recovery, full integration of data, and data security. As a leading cloud-based solution their software is flexible and can be used on any language, works on any OS, and can be operated remotely from anywhere.

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