Here’s What You Should Know Before Renting A Car

Monthly Rent a Car Dubai

Given that Dubai has a lot to offer its visitors, an increased number of individuals are opting for car rentals. Most drivers seek luxury and up-to-date cars, and the best way is to opt for a car rental. It’s primarily because they are cost-effective, allowing them to travel without having to spend a fortune. As a professional car rental company, we strive to offer the best price in the market. Below we discuss a few factors that you should know before you opt for a monthly rent a car Dubai.

Don’t Drive Outside UAE

A rent a car is not permitted to drive outside UAE. Unless you have the required documents and permission, you are prohibited from crossing the UAE border.

Understand the Insurance Policy

There are two points to consider in terms of the insurance. The first one being, if you already have an insurance package, it is better to check if they also cover car rentals. That way, you don’t have to pay extra. However, if your insurance company doesn’t cover it, it’s better to opt for the package, which brings us to the second point. When opting for an insurance package from the car rental, ensure you read through the policy and understand what is covered. Doing so prevents you from encountering any unwanted expenditure.

Make Sure You Have A Valid Driving Permit

Given the stringent laws in Dubai, having a valid driving license is mandatory. This applies to both UAE residents and tourists. That said, tourists need to have an international driving permit and other required documents to rent a car.

Security Deposit Policy

Most car rental companies ask for an advanced deposit in the form of security. This ensures that customers will return the car rental on time and in the same condition. You can either pay it through cash or card, depending on the company’s policy.

Here’s What You Should Know Before Renting A Car

Age Limit

While the legal age to drive in Dubai is 21, car rentals only permit drivers who are above the age of 25. It is a policy most car rentals follow, as the accident rate is much lower than young drivers.

Accident Policy

In case of an accident, you must notify both the police and the car rental company. Depending on the terms mentioned in the agreement, you may or may not have to bear the damages. That’s why it is essential to read through all the conditions stated on the policy before signing the deal.

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